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RacerPro Combz 10/11/2013

Name of this map: RacerPro

Construction bender 07/21/2013

Name doesn't clash anymore because Luele added version postfix to all themes. I'm going to do the same in the future.

MonkeyBubble Wuzzy 07/18/2013

Credit should go to yeKcim, Jean Victor Balin (both are old WarMUX users who made the map for WarMUX) and me (I converted the map to Hedgewars).
Discuss this map here: <>.

Construction Wuzzy 07/18/2013

Warning! Download this and Luelle’s big map pack and you have a name clash, because one of Luelle’s themes is also called “Construction”. This means either this or Luelle’s theme will be broken in your installation.See also Hedgewars forum thread <>, where you find an older version which does not have this problem. Credit should go to Lami (old WarMUX player), too.

ShoppaHighlander_v2 04/27/2013

Nice script thanks :D

ShoppaHighlander_v2 sphrix 04/08/2013

Cool script !

edit : i change my post, the first publication was to say for who was the credit, now bender fix it its good ;)