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Monarchy_v19 MichaelKlipel 10/13/2023


CheeseWarMUX_v1 bender 04/27/2020

I'm keeping the hosting alive but I think the only value left of that website is the DLC section.

CheeseWarMUX_v1 HedgehogBoy 09/17/2019


CheeseWarMUX_v1 HedgehogBoy 08/25/2019

First comment of 2019, Anyone still here?

CheeseWarMUX_v1 HedgehogBoy 12/16/2018

If Wuzzy is reading this thanks for making this map

and there is a game similar to Hedgewars that is made in lua.

Link to game:

NOTE the game has blood but you can change it in settings.

Clouds_v1 HedgehogBoy 12/16/2018

2018 Anyone?

CheeseWarMUX_v1 Wuzzy 12/16/2018

Original map author: yeKcim

Vulcano_v1 HedgehogBoy 10/20/2018


Simplecity_v1 HedgehogBoy 10/20/2018

Hey! This is from Worms Armageddon! :D

TrophyRace2_v2 HedgehogBoy 10/20/2018

Make a TrohyRace3