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Highlander HedgehogBoy 10/20/2018


FreezerW_v1 HedgehogBoy 10/20/2018


Farm_v2 HedgehogBoy 10/20/2018


Purple_v3 HedgehogBoy 10/20/2018


cm_Anonymous Wuzzy 04/01/2016

This HWP is obsolete and the flag is now included in Wuzzy's Unsorted Flag Pack:

ShoppaHighlander_v2 Solar 11/12/2015

I removed the files from the URL above.

I put the new URL where the files are hosted (Script, Maps) below :

Thanks for you comment.
Best regards.

Strategy_v1 Wuzzy 09/12/2015

This script is now DEPRECATED.

The script's entire functionality has been re-implemented (and better so) by Game Hacks. See the Game Hacks script here:

To enable strategy mode in Game Hacks, add “strategictools=true” to the script parameter.

Bubbles_and_Holes_v1 Wuzzy 09/02/2015

The title of this script pack is misleading: It should be called “Bubbles_and_Holes_v1.hwp”.

ShoppaHighlander_v2 bender 04/20/2015

@Solar:Thanks for the update. I renamed it to _v2 to avoid version conflict. I hope it's not a problem. Keeping the name could be problematic because it can be downloaded as part of a package and as a standalone addon. It's hard to tell which file would take the precedence. Also, it's always better to have a version in name to point clearly that it's not compatible with what some people might have already installed.

It's back in the shoppa package.

ShoppaHighlander_v2 Solar 04/17/2015

the new version is here :

Can you take steps to the players of the Hedgewars community can fully enjoy this script.