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Strategy_v1 Wuzzy 09/12/2015

This script is now DEPRECATED.

The script's entire functionality has been re-implemented (and better so) by Game Hacks. See the Game Hacks script here:

To enable strategy mode in Game Hacks, add “strategictools=true” to the script parameter.

Bubbles_and_Holes_v1 Wuzzy 09/02/2015

The title of this script pack is misleading: It should be called “Bubbles_and_Holes_v1.hwp”.

ShoppaHighlander_v2 bender 04/20/2015

@Solar:Thanks for the update. I renamed it to _v2 to avoid version conflict. I hope it's not a problem. Keeping the name could be problematic because it can be downloaded as part of a package and as a standalone addon. It's hard to tell which file would take the precedence. Also, it's always better to have a version in name to point clearly that it's not compatible with what some people might have already installed.

It's back in the shoppa package.

ShoppaHighlander_v2 Solar 04/17/2015

the new version is here :

Can you take steps to the players of the Hedgewars community can fully enjoy this script.

FreezerW_v1 bender 01/01/2015

@Wuzzy: I replaced the preview.

Mike_Errecart-MonkeyBubble Wuzzy 12/27/2014

Please move this into the “wormux” package.

FreezerW_v1 Wuzzy 12/27/2014

The preview image is incorrect. In fact, it shows the unfinished theme SnowW_v1.

Here is a preview image of FreezerW_v1:

McHedgehog_v1 Wuzzy 12/01/2014

Actually the map does not really require the theme, but it looks best with it. If you do not have the theme, make sure to select another theme in the menu before starting the game.

IndoWar_v1 Wuzzy 11/30/2014

This one is quite nice. But I wouldn’t recommend it for inclusion into Hedgewars.

First the theme reminds me too much of the compost theme, if you find a better background, please do it! ;)
Second there is a small ugly horizontal line in the land texture, I really don’t like it. :(

Farm_v2 Wuzzy 11/29/2014

Credit also goes to yeKcim. Discussion thread of this theme is here: