Theme: Ninja v4

Ninja_v4 preview

Credits: yeKcim, Wuzzy

In packages: warmux

Last modified: 01/13/2019 1:59 p.m.

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This is a background theme in an oriental style, but with focus on ninjas of course. ;) This theme can only be used together with a map. Nice clouds and red leafs float in the air. In the background you see trees, a city silhouette and the sun.
The theme also recognizes Sudden Death: In sudden death, the clouds turn black, the friendly leaves turn into deadly shurikens (the “ninja stars”) and the water becomes purple (okay, this is just by default).

Although this theme has been designed for the map “Ninja_v4”, I guess this theme can become useful for other orient-style maps as well.

The theme is based on material from the WarMUX map “Ninja” by WarMUX user yeKcim aka CARRE Anthony, so part of the credit also goes to yeKcim.
I have made a couple of modifications to the data files. I have added the shuriken (based on material found here: <>) and I also made sure the background repeats seamlessly. I also added a different sun which looks more hedgewarsy in my opinion. ;)

The work on this theme is part of the WarMUX maps conversion project: <>.