Script: Sinewars v1

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Credits: Luelle

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Last modified: 12/19/2014 9:44 a.m.

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Fly and kill with sinegun!

Every hog has 8 sineguns to move and kill and 3 parachutes to land after flying around. Additionally they got 2 portal guns. Two Hogs have pickhammer + seduction and more health.

So bring your enemy with portal gun in bad positions. Then kick them with sinegun into water.

Game Modifiers: Per-Hog Ammo + Health, Weapons Reset, Unlimited Attacks, Random mines, Only 25% damage.

Have fun!

Note: This is a new version of the old Sinewars script, which was broken in 0.9.20. This particular version has been fixed to work for 0.9.20 (The error was: loadscript instead of HedgewarsScriptLoad called). There are no other changes.