Script: RopeTrajectories v2

RopeTrajectories_v2 preview

Credits: zim, Wuzzy

In packages: shoppa

Last modified: 04/06/2016 9:11 p.m.

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This script shows several overlays when holding the rope, denoting rope range, swing circle and a parabola showing the hedgehog flight course in free fall. Each player can toggle the rope overlay by pressing the Switch Hog key while holding the rope.

- Rope range: This is a big thick circle drawn around the rope hook or the nearest bending point of the rope. The rope cannot go beyond this line.
- Swing circle: This is a slightly thinner circle drawn around the same location. The circle shows where the hedgehog would swing when you just swing left or right. It is always smaller or equal in radius than the rope range circle.
- Free fall parabola: These are many tiny circles. They show the predicted hedgehog movement in free fall (i.e. unattached to a rope). This parabola takes the current speed and gravity into account, but nothing else.

This script is a continuation of this script, originally created by zim:

Changelog over the original version:
- Overlay can be toggled in-game
- Bug fixed: Free fall parabola shows correct path with low gravity as well
- Bug fixed: Range circle was too large when rope was bending around anything
- Bug fixed: Range circle was incorrect when a custom rope length was set in game scheme
- Added script explanation in source code