Map: Ninja v4

Ninja_v4 preview

Credits: yeKcim, Wuzzy

In packages: warmux

Last modified: 01/13/2019 2:01 p.m.

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This is a oriental-/ninja-themed map ideally for up to 24 hedgehogs. You see three comic ninjas on the top of a roof, next to a tree.

The map is intended to be used together with the theme “Ninja_v4”, but this is not required.
You find the theme here:
If you don’t have or want this theme, you can use any other theme as fallback option. I’d suggest Bamboo.

This map is based on the WarMUX map “Ninja” by WarMUX contributer yeKcim. The following modifications have been made:
• Removed gradients, use the “Hedgewars shading” instead
• Added small buffer zone left and right of the map
• Moved the roof a little bit higher
• Applied shading to the roof

Learn more about maps from WarMUX here: